Discovery of Buddha’s Footprint Tour

After convention ends on 21st Feb 2020, we can easily plan a tour for one day to some villages of Gaya and Aurangabad district, which are Buddhist historical sites. Generally Buddhist people like to visit the Buddhist places which have already their existing popularity. But there are some Buddhist enriched historical importance places which is untouched by Buddhist world. The places where we want to arrange the tour for interested participants are in the radius of 70 to 80 km from Budhagaya and can be easily traveled.

1st Day ‎Date: 21-02-2020
From Budhagaya Departure 7:00am→ Baijubigha Site seen (via Dumuhan Cherki)→Guruya bhurha (This is an ancient Buddhist village) →Guneri→Umga hill (Madanpur)
Lunch at Madanpur.
Back to Budhagaya.
Night Halt at Hotel CK International

2nd Day Date: 22-02-2020
Early Morning 6:30am
Departure to Nalanda and Rajgir
(Breakfast on the Way)
Lunch at Rajgir
Back to Budhagaya stay at Hotel CK International.

No. of interested participants for Tour intake 30 to 40
‎Tour fee ₹ 2500

For booking or more details Contact:
Dhammamitra Vikash Kumar: 
8605921767, 700 4132052
Dhammamitra Bali: 9304643529, 8873434355