IBYC 2016

Led By: Dh. Subhuti & Dh. Maitriveer Nagarjuna

Date: 6-11 October 2016
Venue: Huen Tsang Retreat Centre, Bhordharan

“Celebrating 60th Anniversary of Dhamma Revolution: 1956-2016"

This International Buddhist Youth Convention was our second one which was attended by 139 participants which includes 21 international participants from UK, Australia, Scotland and Singapore. In this IBYC2016 all the international participants were from the Triratna Buddhist Community from 4 countries which includes 4 order members (Dhammachari).

On 6th of Oct 2016 after completing all the registration process, IBYC2016 was officially inaugurated by Dh Subhuti in the evening. The international participants introduced themselves to the Indian participants.

Next four days (7th to 10th Oct) Dh Subhuti led the Convention exploring the theme of conversion and what is it that we need to do in order to complete this process of conversion. Subhuti has long been a guiding influence for the Triratna Buddhist Community centres throughout the UK and Europe as well as the Americas, India and Australasia. For the last 25 years Subhuti has been instrumental in the growth of the Indian wing of the movement, currently spending 6 months a year working particularly closely with the men’s ordination team here.

On the final day of the convention, 11th Oct, which was the day marking the 60th anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism and immediate conversions of his followers, we joined the thousands of others in the place of conversion, Dikshabhumi in Nagpur. On reaching the Dikshabhumi we inaugurated the stall of NNBY which was setup for the promotion of the 10th National Convention which is to be held on 25th December 2016. There after we all visited the stall of Triratna, where Dh Maitriveer Nagarjuna gave the details of the conversion and its importance. We all then took the 22 vows as prescribed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar along with hundreds of the followers who came to pay homage at Dikshabhumi. Thus was the final conclusion of the convention.


Building International relationships to practice Dharma deeply across the world

  • To maintain International Relationships:
    • International Youth Exchange Program: We can travel to each other’s country and live in community and design such activities which can help us to better understand the conditions in each other’s country so that the knowledge ideas etc. could be motivated and supported for Dharma practice.
    • In order to stay updated and connected, co-ordinate with the organizer’s from every region from different countries and exchange their work, their planning and strategies on social networking sites.
    • By encouraging youths to make deep spiritual friendship with maximum of two or three friends they have met on Convention.
  • Fundraising:
    • We need to share fundraising knowledge (strategies, ways of planning etc.).
    • Learn how to fundraise in our individual regions using shared knowledge
  • Media teams:
    • Linking with Clear Vision we will share the activities that we are doing in our countries.
    • Create a media team across the nations to share learnings and discussions.


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